R. Kelly's alleged victims and self-proclaimed girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, were captured on Instagram Live getting into a fistfight - which resulted in Azriel filing charges against her former friend.

The fight occurred when Azriel went back to the apartment that they used to share at the Trump Tower, and Joycelyn became upset with Azriel because she brought male movers into the apartment.

Joycelyn refers to Azriel "as disrespectful" for bringing men into the home, and Azriel then accuses Joycelyn of telling on her own boyfriend, Joycelyn calls her "evil" and begins to attack Azriel who then accused Joycelyn of sleeping with her when she was a minor.

"Rob has been lying to all of y'all, and has people like me lying for him... that's why we never watched the documentary," Azriel tells the fans via her Livestream.

As Kelly rots in jail, his once perfectly controlled life appears to be falling to pieces.

Azriel contacted the police. Here's video of her talking to the police:

- Azriel says Jocelyn came up to her with another woman named Kimberly

-Said Jocelyn attacked her twice

-Says she would like to press charges on Jocelyn

-Says to Jocelyn in first video that Jocelyn slept with her as a minor

-Says Jocelyn gave their keys to another woman (Kimberly)

-Says Kimberly came up to the apartment to get Jocelyn’s stuff

-Says Kimberly is a handler for Robert and does all his dirty work from jail

-Azriel says she told Kimberly that Jocelyn needs to be present to get her belongings

-Azriel says that she had people in the room that she trusts for protection

-Says Jocelyn came to pick up Robert’s Grammys and awards

-Says Jocelyn told her that she was wrong

-Says that she told Jocelyn that she’s going to jail because she slept with a minor — which was herself (Azriel)

Jocelyn has been arrested: