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Back in 2008, R. Kelly evaded a lengthy prison sentence after a tape surfaced of him allegedly peeing on an underage girl and engaging in sexual intercourse with her. Over a decade later, one of his attorneys during the trial, Ed Genson claimed that Kelly was guilty of the crime.

“I’ve been a lawyer 54 years,” Genson said to the Chicago Sun-Times. “Ninety-nine percent criminal cases. I’ve represented entertainers, represented people connected to organized crime, represented professional criminals. I’ve represented guilty people, I represent innocent people.”

“When I represented Kelly in Florida, they set the bond at a $1 million,” he said. 

“We paid the bondsman $100,000. He was out on bond on the Florida case for three days and they made $100,000. Because he had to fly back to Chicago because they were going to arrest him here.”

But then Kelly's former lawyer then makes a shocking admission:

“He was guilty as hell!” Genson said. 

“I don’t think he’s done anything inappropriate for years. I’ll tell you a secret: I had him go to a doctor to get shots, libido-killing shots. That’s why he didn’t get arrested for anything else.”

Genson also revealed that Kelly was tampering with the jury by going on national television and doing the interview with CBS - although his plan may well have backfired. Kelly did not come across likable or sincere in any way.

He also claimed that he made Kelly rewrite his song admission:

Genson said - “It’s a song related to a guy driving around in a car with his girlfriend. It was originally a high school instructor in a class teaching people how to drive a car. I changed the words.”