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R. Kelly's ex-wife Drea Kelly is refusing to be silenced after his the disgraced singer's lawyer attempted to file a motion in court asking for rea to be fined if she publicly discusses their relationship.

Speaking to TMZ, Drea's lawyer Alison Miotta released the following statement:

"Robert has not been complying with that provision of their agreement for years, even put out a book, "Soulacoaster" with details of their marriage and divorce -- he essentially waived that provision and is now using it as a vindictive sword to punish her for asserting her right in domestic relations court and forcing him to comply with his financial obligations"

She continues … "He can no longer control her with physical abuse so he's resorting to methods of control and punishment that can be inflicted from afar." 

R. Kelly's shameless lawyer Steven Greenberg has trashed Drea himself to the media:

"Kelly has not made one disparaging remark about Drea publicly - and there's plenty he could say."

Greenberg added, "Drea has two strands of income - child support from R. Kelly and blasting R. Kelly publicly."

The saga continues...