During last night's premiere of Surviving R. Kelly: The Reckoning, Kelly's brother, Carey Kelly, revealed that he was offered $50,000 to take the fall in the infamous child sex tape scandal years ago.

"Perjure myself in a court of law and risk jail time for some stuff that didn't have anything to do with me," Carey said. "He was saying, 'Man I'll buy you a car, I'll buy you a record deal, I'll give you $50,000,' I said, 'Let me tell you, something man. You ain't got enough money for me to say that's me because it ain't worth me selling my soul." '

The second series of the show delved into Kelly's childhood and the sexual abuse that he and his brother's experienced at the hands of an elderly neighbor who Carey, also named.

Carey said, "Mr. Henry" had been "the neighborhood uncle," adding: "Everybody loved him and looked up to him."

But Mr. Henry turned out to be a pedophile. The boys then told their mother, who called the police. Mr. Henry bailed himself out and then bribed their mother with $5,000 for the family's silence... which she accepted!