R. Kelly Uses Azriel Clary's Hatred Of Him To Beg Judge To Let Him Out Of Jail

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Disgraced singer R. Kelly is trying every trick in the book to get the judge to release him from prison -- citing his alleged former victim and ex-girlfriend, Azriel Clary, as the reason he cannot obstruct justice.

He says he cannot bully his victims and obstruct justice because Azriel hates him.

Kelly's lawyer noted the recent video of Azriel ripping a $4,000 coat of Kelly's that was in her possession, writing, "it would be impossible for Mr. Kelly to engage in any obstructive behavior regarding this individual. She has, since leaving Mr. Kelly, created a active, for-profit, social media presence, requesting individuals to subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she regularly speaks of how awful he was."

Azriel took to Twitter to slam Kelly's recent attempt to use her to break free from lockup.

"wait.. you mean to tell me your upset about a COAT YOU CANT EVEN WEAR? Out of all three cases you have against you? Out of all the sick shit you did you worried bout a COAT?! That shows how sick and low of a character you really are," she tweeted.