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Disgraced R&B crooner R. Kelly will be vacating his West Side recording studio after losing a fight to keep it operating after hours.

A judge has previously issued an order which limited Kelly's access to the studio between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and that it only be used for recording music and not for residential purposes.

A recent inspection had shown evidence that the studio was being used as a residence, and was found to be in violations of several regulations.

His attorney Steve Greenberg reportedly called the judge's ruling “without any logical rationale.” 

“R. Kelly can never be creative and do his job under the circumstances which leaves him no choice but to leave his building,” Greenberg, said in the statement.

“The public should not rush to judgment,” Greenberg said.

 “Almost all of the statements in the documentary were previously debunked, by facts, and rejected by the police, judges, and a jury. A hashtag does not make people truthful or credible.”