R. Kelly is currently a free man since an unidentified donor paid his backdated child support so that he could be released on bail - but according to TMZ, Kelly says he gives "zero f*cks" about the portrayal of him in the media or of public opinion.

Kelly sat down with Gayle King, seemingly with a view to help alter his public image, but it did not go as planned. Instead, Kelly ranted and raved at the camera and even towered over King during his rant, and many saw his actions as an indication of his alleged abusive behavior.

Sources close to Kelly told them:

"R. Kelly sat down with Gayle King because he is in constant touch with his "spirit" and tends to listen to it more than the people around him. He also said he felt he owed it to himself and his fans to break his silence and tell his side."

We hope that Kelly' "spirit" tells him to let Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary see and speak to their parents - without supervision. That would be a step in the right direction.