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R. Kelly Opposes Anonymous Jury For Upcoming Trial

R. Kelly and his legal team are opposing an anonymous during his upcoming trial.

Kelly's attorneys are demanding the names, addresses and employers of potential jurors so they can determine the jurors' potential biases via social media, according to a new motion filed.

"The names of the potential jurors must be made available to Mr. Kelly's counsel and the Government," wrote Kelly's lawyer, Michael Leonard. "Mr. Kelly and his counsel are not requesting that those names be made available to Mr. Kelly as well — even though there is no legitimate reason not to do so."

Prosecutors are worried that Kelly could potentially tamper with witnesses and jurors in this trial -- something he allegedly did during his trial many years ago.

"(Kelly) has told multiple individuals, including one as recently as 2018, that they needed to select a side: his side or the other side, and implicitly threatened that selecting the other side could result in physical harm to that person or that person's family," the government's memo noted.