R Kelly's career is NOT taking a hit from the release of the Lifetime documentary last week - he sold out a Chicago appearance last night.

R Kelly made a scheduled appearance at the popular nightclub V75 - and less than an hour after it opened, the club was so packed, they had to turn people away.

The club was filled to capacity with R Kelly's fans - hoping to show support to him after the devastating allegations in the Lifetime documentary. And the singer played it up for his fans. While he didn't perform outright, he lip synched along with many of his songs.

The club was filled with 80% women - who were all there to support the controversial R&B artist.

Here's R Kelly at the club:

And here are some comments from his fans:


And here's more video:

Eventually, the club had to shut down early. People on social media called the police to the venue, after seeing how successful the event was.

The trolls claimed that R Kelly had a "warrant" against him, and authorities ended up shutting down the party early.