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Remember The 19-Year-Old BLONDE That Was Dating R KELLY? . . . Now She's Dating A 38-Year-Old RAPPER!!


Halle Calhoun first got on our radar when the 20-year-old beauty started dating R&B legend R Kelly. At the time, people accused her of being in a "cult."

Well, it turns out, she's moved on from Robert. She's now dating Atlanta mogul/rapper Rocko. And thank God for that.

By now, we're all hip to R. Kelly's "alleged" deviant ways. A lover and manipulator of underage girls, it's a mystery as to why he hasn't been locked up after decades of "alleged" statutory rape.

More recently, Kellz has been accused of running a cult. It is said that he preyed on wannabe singers and lured them into his harem. While there, he controlled what they ate, when they ate, and were rarely allowed out on their own.

Jerhonda Pace sat down with Buzzfeed where she admitted to being intimate with R. Kelly when she was just 15 years old.

"My family listened to his music, my friends listened to his music, everybody was just in love with the music. [Chicago radio station] WGCI was the biggest supporter — they played him all the time — and it was my favorite radio station," she told them. She went on to describe their first night together. “I was drunk, because I wasn’t used to alcohol,” Pace says. The two had intercourse; Pace says she was a virgin, and Kelly thought that was exciting.

We're happy that Halle Calhoun managed to escape for his "alleged" cult. Doesn't she look happy now?