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R. Kelly Fans Protest His Incarceration In Brooklyn!!

A handful of R. Kelly fans headed to Brooklyn on Monday to protest the singer's incarceration -- calling for him to be released from jail.

As the protest gained publicity, people hit social media to express their confusion as to why people would take to the streets for such a cause -- especially during a pandemic.

Kelly was arrested and taken to MCC since last summer. He is awaiting trial for several criminal charges across various jurisdictions, including federal indictments in Illinois and New York alleging racketeering, sexual exploitation of children and child pornography; aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Cook County; and soliciting a minor and prostitution in Minnesota.

He maintains his innocence despite the mounting evidence against him.

The protests come amid reports the singer is "petrified" and "paranoid" in jail.

"Recently, Kelly left his cell to walk down the hall," Nicole Blank Becker, one of Kelly's attorneys told the Sun-Times. "He said it felt like the longest walk of his life.