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Disgraced singer R. Kelly is trying desperately to get out of prison and is using the coronavirus outbreak to do it -- he's now complaining that he has to buy his own antibacterial soap to avoid getting infected.

Kelly has not been confirmed as having COVID-19. Earlier this week, his lawyer issued a statement saying that he is working hard to self-isolate, but after the news that Harvey Weinstein tested positive for the virus while in prison, Kelly wants out.

"From Mr. Kelly's perspective his life—not only his liberty—is on the line, creating a powerful incentive to abide by any release conditions the Court may impose and changing the calculus that initially led to the denial of bail in this case," his attorney writes in documents obtained by The Blast.

 "He would be foolish to leave his home. Indeed, there is an order that requires people to stay in their homes. Electronic monitoring could ensure that he stays in his home. Critically, during this temporary release, Mr. Kelly could be supported and monitored by Pretrial Services."

The argument is that Kelly will stay home because he doesn't want to catch the virus.

"Mr. Kelly poses a lower risk of violating supervision, particularly during a global pandemic during which even leaving the house will endanger their lives."

The lawyer says that inmates have to pay for their own antibacterial soap.

"While the facility does have hand sanitizer available on the visiting floor, the single large bottle has a sign that says "STAFF ONLY" on it. The single dispenser next to the restroom appears to be non-alcohol-based sanitizer, as it is the same dispenser that was in place prior to the coronavirus outbreak, and detention facilities consider alcohol-based sanitizer to be contraband," his attorney claims in the request.

Should Kelly be released?