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R. Kelly is now being accused of attempting to intimidate his alleged victims with threatening handwritten letters, as well as conspiring to blackmail them.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, prosecutors presented their case against Kelly being released on bond. The prosecution maintains that Kelly is a flight risk and a risk to underage girls. The ruling judge agreed. Bond was denied for the star both in Chicago and New York.

Prosecutors also claim that the disgraced star has a history of trying to silence alleged victims.

According to them, Kelly, “sent a typewritten letter to a lawyer then representing Jane Doe #5, threatening to release compromising and potentially embarrassing photographs of Jane Doe #5 if she pursued her civil lawsuit against the defendant.”

They continued: “The letter sent, which was provided to the defense as part of the government’s discovery includes certain photographs and screen shots of text message exchanges between the defendant and Jane Doe #5 taken from the defendant’s phone.”

As mentioned in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, the prosecution also alleges that Kelly “has a history of coercing women to write letters containing false and embarrassing allegations, so that the defendant could use those letters as blackmail. Multiple witnesses have reported that the defendant directed them to write these embarrassing and false letters and the similarities among the accounts by multiple witnesses lends credence to their accounts.”

Kelly was accused of using these scare tactics during the first trial - which eventually saw him acquitted. It may be trickier get away with such crimes in 2019.