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R&B singer Ashanti is going viral this morning, after she released some "barely there" bikini pics showing off her amazing body. 

Ashanti turns 40 years old next year - and she's STILL one o the baddest in the game.

Leave it to Ashanti to make Miami super hot in the middle of November. The singer took to social media where she posted a few envious photos showcasing her stunning body, killer abs, and thighs of steel.

The R&B star is currently in Miami enjoying the sun and fun. She decided to release the pics to promote her new tour, which isn't selling as well as it should.

Hopefully Ashanti's new pics will cause some of her male fans - to go in their pockets and pay for some concert tickets.

Here are the pics:


One supporter praised Ashanti’s natural body by saying: “Bringing that radiant heat on a cold night. This how you supposed to dress in Miami it to be hot out there this exactly how you go on south beach. Bring the natural women back. I PROMISE you if you came out with a fitness clothing line I’d be the first one to buy it Girl what is the secret *logs off IG, signs up for a gym membership, & goes to the nearest Whole Foods*If I can muster up enough discipline to look like her, I’d wear a patch for a bathing suit too.”

A hater turned fan said: “Ashanti doesn’t ever wear clothes. All this showcasing her body and ain’t nobody wifed her yet #smellsfishy she looks bomb tho. I gotta restart my diet n stick to it 4 at least two weeks .”