R&B Singer TINASHE Shows How FLEXIBLE She IS . . . And Has Fans STUNNED!! (PICS)

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R&B singer Tinashe has been doing the most on social media, to try and get some buzz going. Yesterday she decided to show some of her secret "tricks." First she showed fans just how flexible she is.

Tinashe claimed that she's been doing yoga and gymnastics ever since she was a little girl. And as a result she is extremely flexible. And we're talking Cirque De Soleil flexible.

She posted the below pic on her Instagram. And as you can imagine, she gained THOUSANDS of new fans - mostly male - immediately afterwards.


Tinashe has been living it up in the LA club scene lately, just last night she was spotted leaving Deliah's a popular night club.

She's been quite the social media star lately on Friday night the dancer took to Instagram to document her karaoke skills.

'Backstreet Boys is always go to karaoke,' she wrote on Instagram as she belted out the boy band's hit single I Want It That Way.

She later took the mic for Aaliyah's Are You That Somebody? 

Tinashe hasn't dated anyone since she was briefly linked to NBA player Ben Simmons from March until May.

Simmons, who began seeing Kendall Jenner shortly after their breakup, dubbed the singer 'obsessive' when she kept conveniently crossing paths with him and the reality star.

A source told TMZ at the time: 'Ben is convinced Tinashe cannot accept the fact he ended their relationship and has moved on with Kendall. He believes she's showing up to keep tabs on him so she can see if there's a chink in the armor between him and Kendall.'