R&B Singer SZA gets An AGGRESSIVE Nose Job . . . Her Nose Is ALMOST GONE NOW!!!

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R&B superstar Sza reportedly got ANOTHER nose job - and many are wondering whthere she went "too aggressive" in removing pieces of her old nose.

Sza was always pretty - but she had a classic wide nose. Not anymore. She got her first nose "procedure" a few years ago, but the results were pretty subtle.

But recent pics suggest that Sza decided to go EXTREME on her most recent nose job.

And her fans don't seem to be that happy with the results. Here are some of the comments that we found on social media about Sza's new look:

she should have asked for a bridge, not just narrowing the sh*t out of her nose.

I hope she doesn't go too far and f*ck up her face

Looking at that picture, I felt like I was struggling to breath.

As much as I want to laugh for some reason this woman always gives me deeply troubled teas. Her story won't end well. 

Here's her new look:


SZA's real name is Solàna Imani Rowe and she was born on November 8, 1990, in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Maplewood, New Jersey. Her father was an executive producer at CNN, while her mother was an executive at AT&T. Rowe was born to African American parents, a Christian mother and a Muslim father. She was raised as an orthodox Muslim, and has an older half-sister named Tiffany Daniels. She attended a Muslim prep school every day after her regular schooling. Rowe attended Columbia High School, where she was very active in sports, including gymnastics and cheerleading.However, due to the September 11 attacks, Rowe was subjected to bullying, leading her to stop wearing her hijab. As a high school sophomore, she was ranked among the best gymnasts in the United States.