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R&B Singer SZA Damaged Vocal Cords . . . Singing During 'MUSLIM RAMADAN FAST'


MTO News reported earlier this week that R&B singer Sza announced that she damaged her vocal cords - after touring and singing for 11 months straight. Well now we're getting more details.

According to a person inside her label, SZA is believed to have damaged her cords - trying to sing during her annual Ramadan fast. SZA is a practicing Muslim, she grew up in an Islamic household. Here are pics:


According to SZA, her vocal cords are "permanently injured." But SZA may not be telling the entire story. Here's what she wrote:


But an insider tells MTO News that SZA was fasting - no food or liquids - while practicing. And the lack of water dried up her vocal cords. Our snitch believes that her dry throat is what "damaged" her vocal cords.

Hopefully she can fully recover from this.

After some time off SZA returned to performing earlier this week.

According to Pitchfork, "Following her performance, she wrote a since-deleted series of tweets (which Vulture has archived). “My voice is permanently injured,” she wrote. “Tonight was the test. That settles that. 👍🏾” She later added, “I jus wanna be left alone my priorities are fucked up. They been fucked up. I need space goodbye.”

Last week, TDE’s CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced that they were pulling her from the tour for a few dates. “Her vocal cords are swollen and she has to rest her voice to prevent any permanent damage,” he said in a statement. In her own statement, SZA revealed that she’d been relying on steroids to pull through her recent touring schedule. “This didn’t happen overnight,” she said.