R&B Singer Sza Accidentally Posts SKIN BLEACH PILLS On Instagram

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R&B singer Sza has been coming under fire in recent months - with fans who believe the r&b songstress is lightening her skin.

And over the weekend, MTO News has learned, that Sza accidentally leaked a pic showing that she takes the pills that are used around the world for skin bleaching.

As further proof, Sza's complexion looks markedly different now that when she first appeared on the music scene. At the start of her career, she had a deep beautiful chocolate complexion. Here's a pic from back then:


And here's what she looks like now:


So how did she get lighter? Sza takes glutathione, pills that have been scientifically shown to "bleach" Black women's skin.


Glutathione is a controversial drug supplement because women all over the world - especially in India and Southeast Asia are taking it to get lighter skin. And apparently it works.

According to the National Institute of Health, "three randomized controlled trials that support the skin-lightening effect of topical and oral glutathione."

But the NIH did question how safe the supplement is, especially in high doses.

Sza claims however that she is using the drug for her "immune system" and just so happens to be getting the side effect of lighter skin . . .