Upcoming R&B singer Summer Walker leaked some pretty explicit pics on Instagram yesterday - and almost immediately folks on social media started speculating as to whether she was on some type of hard drug.

Summer's name has been buzzing for the past year - ever since she released her debut studio album Last Day of Summer

The beautiful 23-year-old singer is becoming increasingly popular and was named by Apple Music as their newest Up Next artist in 2019. She is also currently the #8 R&B artist worldwide across Apple Music.

But ummm . . . yesterday a few pics of Summer were uploaded online - and it has people calling into question whether she's on some type of drug. And they're not talking about weed either.

Summer has always been sexy. But the latest pics are well . . . see for yourself.

Here are the images that are causing all the controversy:


This also could be a publicity stunt to gain more attention, something very common for musicians to do upon releasing new music. We hope that's the case rather than drug abuse. Regardless, this outfit is very questionable and we don't see this look taking off anytime soon.