R&B Singer MYA Turns 40 SOON . . . Decided To Go BLONDE!! (PICS)

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2000s singer Mya turns 40 years old in just a few week - and she wanted to make a BIG CHANGE in honor of her new decade of life. The singer showed off her new MUCH slimmer figure, and her new blonde hair.

So far, folks on social media are saying that they LIKE THE LOOK on her. The pics that she posted showing off her new hair have received close the 50,000 likes - which is a LOT for Mya.

But it's not just the hair that's different. Mya has been working out RELIGIOUSLY - ad is now MUCH slimmer than we're used to. She used to have a curvy figure . . . now she's pretty flat.


Mya has been going around talking about her VEGAN diet lately, too. The singer says that she prefers her men that way too. She has recently spoken of her struggles dating men who aren’t vegan like her. 

Mya said she was with someone she has known for about 10 years, but when he leaned in for a kiss, she hesitated. Why, you ask? Oh, no reason other than she “smelled death on his breath.”

Her exact words were, “Last year I had an experience with someone I’ve known for over 10 years,” said Mya. “He leaned in to kiss me and I smelled death on his breath. I was just like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’”

“It’s a lifestyle, it’s not just about diet, it’s about your home décor, your fashion, what you are driving, what you are wearing, all kinds of things,Mya explains for The Root. The first three days are absolutely hell!” Mya laughs. “When you’re used to eating the pizza, and the wings, and the pasta, and the cheese! I’m a cheese lover, I used to be.”