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R&B singer Mya went viral this week, after TMZ released pics - and claimed that the 2000s singer got married off the coast of Africa. Then last night, Mya released more info on her alleged new husband.

According to Mya, her husband's last name is "Lansky" - so that mean that her new name is Mya Lansky. Get it Mya Lansky ... gangster Meyer Lansy - haha.

MTO News has confirmed that Mya faked the whole thing - for clout.

You see, Mya used all the publicity to release the music video for her new song, entitled The Truth. In the music video, Mya married herself.

And Mya all but confirmed that her new "wedding" was all about chasing clout. When one of her fans asked her who her husband was, Mya said in the comments that his name is "self love"

Vogue's Alex Frank credits Mýa as an influence of Y2K R&B. Writing for Vogue, Frank alludes that R&B stars Tinashe, FKA twigs, and Jhené Aiko "echoed a familiar kind of sound"; the sultry, futuristic music of R&B/pop singer Mýa. He acknowledged Mýa capabilities to "elbowed out the crunchy catchiness of Britney Spears and aggression of Kid Rock" with interesting, seductive music and dubbed Harrison's brand of R&B as neo-R&B—an innovative take on a beloved genre that promised a way forward. Essentially, he observed, "with the dominant sounds of R&B production at the time", Mýa was capable of "creating something preppy and poppy and radio—friendly that kept pace with the Britneys and the N'Syncs without sacrificing experimentation.