R&B Singer Mario Spoils 'Exotic' Girlfriend; Buys Her $50K Friendship Ring


R&B singer Mario is in love, and the wants the world to know it! Yesterday he flew to Atlanta to make his new bae's birthday a special one.


And to make her birthday one that she would remember, Mario gifted her a $50,000 "friendship" ring as a present.

His new "exotical" girlfriend isn't just anyone though - she's Grammy-nominated songwriter Kris Stephens. The couple went public on on Instagram Sunday (Jan. 24th) as he showered her with gifts for her birthday. 

She showed off the ring and wrote,“Thank you King it’s so beatifull"

Here's video of the birthday party, plus close up shots of the ring.

Kris had a lot more to say. She said via her Instagram stories,

“He is so sweeeeeeet! Like wow babe you really did all this?! Surprised me with this beautiful flower balloon bouquet, a chef, a trip, gifts… I love you so much!!! @marioworldwide”

Congrats to Mario and his bae. They really seem happy together.

Here are some more pics of Mario's bae: