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R&B Singer Lucky Daye's Reality Star Baby Mama Claims - HE'S A DEADBEAT!! (Vid+Receipts)

R&B singer Lucky Daye is quickly becoming one of the hottest artists in the world. Well MTO News has learned that this reality star baby's mama is claiming that the singer is a deadbeat dad.

lucky day

Lucky Daye's baby mama is a celebrity in her own right. She is known as Ashley L and starred in the BET hit series College Hill Atlanta.


According to Ashley, MTO News has learned, shortly after filming the show, she met Lucky Daye and he moved into her house.

The two welcomed a daughter into this world, Cadence Brown, 12 years ago and Lucky Daye, real name is David Brown, is now allegedly refusing to pay child support.

Ashley took Lucky to court for child support, but the artist is claiming that he shouldn’t have make child support payments because of the pandemic. Ashley claims despite what appears to be a claim of financial distress from the artist, he has spent over $300,000 in the past couple of months on travel and entertainment purposes.

According to Ashley, Lucky makes more for one appearance than she makes in a month.

Listen to her story:

For those not familiar with Lucky, here's his biggest song: