R&B Singer Keri Hilson Says . . . 'I'm GIVING UP On Black Men' . . . EXCLUSIVELY Dates White Men!!!

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R&B singer Keri Hilson has always been unlucky in love. Despite dating multiple men - she's never got any of them to fully commit to her.

Now she's trying something new. According to Keri, she's now EXCLUSIVELY dating White men.

A few days after news broke that former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams is engaged to a White man - Keri decided to follow suit.

How did she make the announcement? Well a Black man tried to shoot his shot at Keri on Twitter - and Keri SHIT HIM DOWN with her announcement.


This is just days after Keri recently DISMISSED the idea of being a Ride or Die chick on Instagram as well. She said:

“The whole ‘ride or die’ concept rubs me wrong,” she explained in a selfie caption. “Love is not a contest to see how much pain I can withstand. How many burdens of your boyhood I can carry for your comfort, despite mine. How many untrustworthy situations I can jump over, with an uncertain hope that MAYBE you’ll grow out of putting us in them. How many of your satisfaction I can facilitate while mine are left unaddressed. QUEENS don’t enter that s—. We gone get to this finish line with equal effort.”

It seems that she may have misunderstood the true definition of the phrase...That or she took it TOO seriously.

Keri hasn't released new music in a while but perhaps with all of her social media comments she's looking to start a new career in SELF-HELP.