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R&B Singer K Michelle Gets DRUNK . . . Exposes Herself On LIVE!!!


R&B singer K Michelle is making news again - for all the wrong reasons. You see over the weekend, she drank some type of VODKA-CONCOCTION and she got extremely intoxicated.

K Michelle was going live on Instagram last night to her 5 million followers, Michelle spent roughly two minutes barely uttering a sound while laying in the bed topless. And she didn’t make much of an effort to cover up, much to the shock (or delight) of everyone who viewed the impromptu session in real time.

In the below video you see K Michelle drinking the concoction out of a Gatorade bottle, and she is so FADED she can hardly move.

But she continued to film herself for LIVE - in her inebriated state. And she embarrassed herself even further.

After a few seconds it was clear that K Michelle was unclothed in her bed underneath the covers. And each time she moved, she accidentally exposed another part of her body.

MTO news broke the news yesterday that K Michelle will be on the upcoming series of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Here is the video

Recently K. Michelle discussed her decision to remove the illegal silicone butt injections that helped he gain some fame.

She said: 

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation, a mental transformation, I think I’m more tough,” she disclosed. “I’ve always been a fighter and able to survive but it’s made me pay attention to other people around me and all the things I take for granted. Now, I don’t take a minute for granted. And hopefully this [transformation] will go on through the rest of my life and not just through this healing process, but so people can tell the difference in my fight. It’s even stronger.”