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R&B Singer Jazmine Sullivan Drops 50 lbs - Twitter Says She's Now 'Too Skinny'!

R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan was always a thick or curvy gal - but not anymore. MTO News confirmed that Jazmine has been dieting like crazy recently - and has now dropped 50 pounds.

How'd she do it? Jazmine went vegan. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer and decided to make some lifestyle changes starting with her diet and became a vegan.


Jazmine supported her mom, and went vegan also. And unbeknownst to her - it led to a pretty massive weight loss.

The new Jazmine looks dramatically different from her old self.

For those who might have forgotten, THIS is what Jazmine used to look like:


And this is what she looks like now, after dropping 50 lbs:

Before the weight loss, Jazmine was about 230 lbs. Now she's a slim and trim 180 lbs and wears a size 12. Most of her fans LOVE the ways she looks. But not everyone.

A few haters went on Twitter and BLASTED Jazmine for losing the weight - claiming that now she looked "sickly." Jazmine was forced to take to IG yesterday, to address those haters' claims.



Sullivan took to her Instagram Story and said that she isn’t as “skinny” as she looks in the photo and that her new 180-pound body is not an attempt at being thin.

“Last week some people dragged me saying I look sickly. I’m honestly a size 12. 180 lbs,” the 33-year-old wrote. “There’s nothing skinny abt me but my neck 😩😂 I’m 5’8 however, so I sometimes photograph a little leaner than I am. But I ain’t skinny and that was never my goal.”

Sullivan also says she went vegan in order to support her mother, who is battling cancer. “My goal was to support my mother thru her battle w cancer by going vegan with her, and in turn, it helped me as well. And I feel really good,” she wrote.

Additionally, Jazmine Sullivan says she plans to continue focusing on her fitness, writing: “I have a lot of things to work on in my journey and am not nearly the model for health and fitness. But I’m trying… And I’ll continue to do so w my momma! Bless ya’ll, love ya’ll,” she wrote before sharing some advice: “Stop talking bout people. Vote in November!”