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R&B Singer Ashanti Looks GREAT . . . Wears VERY Revealing Outfit!!


R&B singer Ashanti is currently in Asia on vacation. Yesterday notorious Playboy Dan Blizerian posted a pic with Ashanti in Thailand. Almost immediately, people started speculating that Ashanti may be on vacation with the womanizer Dan.

But Ashanti is a grown woman - and she can do what she pleases. And speaking of being GROWN - check out how GREAT she looks.

Ashanti showed off her body in multiple social media posts. 


in other Ashanti news, Ja Rule and Ashanti have always made for a fantastic pairing, producing a number of hits over the years whenever they team up.

Now, after teasing the idea of a collaborative record for quite some time, the two have finally come together to deliver on a full-length record. The first track from the currently untitled project, "Encore," has just leaked online ahead of the album's official announcement, but was quickly deleted. . . 

Having previously teamed up for a number of crossover classics, the pair have clearly been inspired by JAY-Z and Beyoncé's collab album Everything Is Love. "Encore" is our first taste of the forthcoming record, although with how quiet they've been about the project it remains to be seen as to when we can expect the full release.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet of the BET Awards earlier this year, Ashanti confirmed that they had been working on a collaboration album after talking about the idea for years. "Listen, me and Rule, it's so funny because we've been talking about that for so long," she explained. "But I think now he's like, 'OK, now it's time to do it.' So we're going to carve out the time and make it happen."