R&B singer Ashanti put on about 25 pounds over the holidays - but the thickness went into all the right places.

Most of the time that a female artists gains some weight - there's usually a couple of haters out there, ready to put her down. But in the case of Ashanti, there seems to be a universal belief that Ashanti's most recent weight gain was a POSITIVE move for her. 

Here are the pics:

To get an idea of what Ashanti looked like before those 25 pounds. Here are pics of her from June. She looked good - but we like her with the extra weight:


Ashanti has been working on her acting recently. In November 2019, Ashanti guest-starred as herself in two episodes of the third season of the CW Dynasty reboot, “Mother, I’m At La Mirage" and "Something Desperate".

In 2005, she made her feature film debut in Coach Carter alongside Samuel L. Jackson, as well as starring as Dorothy Gale in the made-for-television film The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, which pulled in nearly 8 million viewers when it premiered. She has since appeared in the films John Tucker Must Die (2006) and Resident Evil: Extinction (2007).