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R&B singer Ashanti has a brand new face, and many are suggesting that she recently got a "facelift."

Ashanti has been out of the public eye now for about a month - but she resurfaced yesterday on social media, looking very different. Almost immediately, her fans asked why her face looked so different.

Here are a few comments from her social media page:

Your face looks different, stop Ashanti

What happened gone Kardashian

No more natural beauty I see


This new face is surprising, because Ashanti has been known for being completely natural.

Unlike most female celebrities, Ashanti never got breast implants or butt enhancements. And her face was natural too - until now.

R&B singer Ashanti is expecting a big 2019. She's already announced that she's making new music with Lil Wayne. And she's expecting to do a world tour in the fall.