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We're all used to female rappers beefing - Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown, Lil Kim vs. Eve, Nicki Manaj vs. Cardi B. and Lil Kim vs. Nicki Manaj.

Hold up... Lil Kim's been in a lot of beef ya'll!

Well, now two top R&B artists are beefing too.

Over the weekend, Sza, and her manager Punch from Top Dog Entertainment fired shots at Summer Walker, the new hot R&B singer.

It all started when Summer Walker's fans congratulated her on social media, after it was announced that Summer has had the biggest debut album by a female R&B artist in 10 years.

Here's the congratulatory post that's been circulating online:


Almost immediately Sza's manager Punch - the President Of Top Dog Entertainment - took to Twitter to try and minimize Summer's accomplishment, and hit her with some brutal shade.

Sza immediately liked the tweet:.


Summer and Sza are battling neck and neck for who is the top female R&B singer. In the beginning of the year, it seemed clear that Sza would take the crown. But Summer's been burning up the charts since the Spring.

According to Vice, "From the start, Summer Walker positioned herself as R&B's new unguarded heart, along the lines of Jhene Aiko or SZA. The 23-year-old singer's initial appeal was in her ability to be frank: "I just need some dick / I just need some love," she sang on her breakout single "Girls Need Love." Instead of being careful with her words, she was saying what she meant, singing in the plain-spoken language that countless millennial women use daily in their group chats."