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Tan France, one of the stars of Netflix show 'Queer Eye' has admitted that he bleached his skin when he was just ten years old!

“The importance of being pale is very bizarre. The people around me certainly didn’t intend to pass on this belief, but I was aware of it and affected by it just the same,” he wrote in his new memoir, 'Naturally Tan.'

“When I was five, I remember thinking, ‘God, I’d give anything to be white. I just want to be white, I want to be white, I want to be white.’ I had been so conditioned to think that if you were white, you were automatically more attractive.”

He then says that he used his cousin's skin bleaching cream when he was ten, and his cousin did not know about it.

“I haven’t had the balls to tell her I took it, because, since then, I’ve been ashamed of the fact that I succumbed to the pressure. I kept the dirty little secret to myself. I’d only use it at night, before bed, when no one else was going to catch me. Let me tell you, that sh*t hurt.”