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Queer Eye star, Jonathan Van Ness is unhappy with Ellen DeGeneres for interviewing Kevin Hart on her show.

Van Ness feels that Hart is homophobic and is seething that Ellen had him on the show and was championing for him to host the Oscars still.

Ellen posted a tweet saying:

"However you feel about this, the only positive way through it is to talk about it. Thank you for being here, @KevinHart4real. ❤️"

Van Ness then retweeted Ellen, adding the comment:

"Nothing like enabling someone to mansplain why they’re homophobic past comments paired w defensive irritated half apologies are totally fabulous! Gay Men of color in this country face HUGE STIGMA caused by this behavior. Ellen gurl. Not cool."


On the same day, Van Ness tweeted:

"There are so many amazing queer comedians especially of color who are much better suited for this job and actually... funny."

So, definitely not a fan of the "Night School" comedian then.

Do you think Kevin Hart is homophobic?