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QUEEN OF TROLLS!!! Woman Allegedly Tries To PUSH MEN TO SUICIDE . . . By Trolling Them ONLINE!! (How Is This LEGAL??)

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A WOMAN who goes by the nickname "Poison Ivy" is gaining worldwide attention - as being the "Queen Troll" of the internet. The girl, who is only 17 years old, is known for encouraging vulnerable men to perform sexually humiliating acts online before "encouraging them to commit suicide."

Hanna, who is from New Zealand, says on her Twitter profile that she seeks out "weak" men in internet chat rooms and then rips apart their self-esteem in a bid to make herself "grow stronger."

Here's how the UK's Sun is reporting it:

"She encourages guys to do disgusting acts, via webcam on a live screen, like showing their genitals, spreading their butt cheeks on camera and sticking objects up their a**," the voiceover explains.

"While doing this they shout ‘I love you Hanna!’"

She finds "weak, socially awkward guys who have never had a girlfriend or a social life" and wins their affections.

The YouTuber believes her purpose is to "extract wealth from them through emotional blackmail" with her ultimate goal "for them to kill themselves for her as an act of love."