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Queen & Slim actress Jodie Turner-Smith has spoken out about her insecurities growing up as a dark-skinned Black girl saying that she used to hate it because people called her ugly.

"Proof That The Glow Up Has Been Really Real it’s been soooo long since i’ve seen these pictures, but because the internet is undefeated, i found them! a blast from the past!" she wrote in the Instagram post.

"I’m humbled when i look at this girl. 17 year old me. not just because of how i look on the outside, but because i remember how i felt on the inside. i remember how badly i hated myself and hated the dark skin that made people call me ugly," she continued.

Queen & Slim has been praised by fans and critics, with viewers mesmerized by her beauty, but it wasn't always that way, but Jodie says she managed to turn it all around.

"How i turned my helplessness at being unable to change my outward appearance inward, by constantly cleaving away any and all parts of myself that i was told made me unacceptable to others. “