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Youtube star and rapper Queen Naija and boyfriend Clarence welcomed their first child together, Legend Lorenzo White, last week. Now MTO News is hearing reports that there was drama in the delivery room.

In fact it got so hectic that Clarence THREW QUEEN NAIJA'S MOTHER out of the delivery room.

Queen and Clarence are vloggers–so they live-streamed the birth of their son. Here's the video:

But noticeably absent from the video was Queen Naija's mother. Now new reports claim that Clarence "threw" Queen's mom out of the delivery room. It's not clear whether he physically put hands on the Youtube star's mother - but we do know that the family is in turmoil.

Queen Naija's sister spoke out about the incident on social media. She told the Blogger family:

Mom went out her way to come to the hospital like you asked her for him to disrespect her and tell her to leave he had no say you only known boy for 2 years and mom 23 you don’t disrespect his mom why should he disrespect yours

Queen you not saying nothing this yo mother how you dare you go against the grain . Sh*t not flying this the last straw we tired of holding sh*t in which gave us a reason to tell it all .

Clarence you got something coming for disrespecting my mom dukes on god I don’t know who niggas think they is. sh*t finna get hectic and come on out the dark

I’m tired of n*ggas tryna play picture perfect for the camera and that’s not what it is


Here's Clarence's response: