Youtube star Queen Naija just unveiled her new body, after getting tummy tuck and butt augmentation. Queen gave birth to a baby back in January - and decided to get her body redone as a present to herself.

And the results of the surgery seem to be pretty amazing.

Here's a pic of her new body:

And here's a video of her explaining why she got the butt surgery:

Queen Naija, real name Queen Naija Bulls is a 24 year old Youtube star, singer/songwriter and social media influencer.

The singer previously went under the knife after the birth of her first child in 2017, leading to a case of bad fibrosis. "I'm really really happy about the results," she said. "I basically got a tummy tuck and I got my hernia repaired around my belly navel, it would puff out because of my loose skin. I had really really bad fibrosis from the smart lipo I got two years ago."

She gained fame when she started a Youtube channel with her then husband, Christopher Sails. Chris and Queen met at a high school basketball game and began dating in April 2013. They have a son named Chris together. 

Eventually Queen and Chris divorced, and she started dating Clarence White in 2018; they welcomed a son named Legend in January 2019. 

In December 2017, she released the song "Medicine and the song made a No. 45 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. In June 2018, she released her second single, "Karma", this time as a signed artist to Capitol Records.