Queen Naija Gets Butt Augmentation 'Adjusted' On Video!! (Graphic)


R&B singer Queen Naija went viral late last year, after dramatic plastic surgery procedures. After the singer and Youtuber gave birth, she had a tummy tuck and butt augmentation and took fans by surprise with her new body.


But yesterday, she had to go back to the doctors and get her butt augmentation adjusted, to make sure that no lumps were forming in her newly purchased booty.

See the above video, of what she had to go through, to maintain her newly purchased assets.

Queen Naija is a Youtube star, a singer, songwriter and Youtuber.

In December 2017, she self-released the song "Medicine". She was an unsigned social media star at this time and the song made a No. 45 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of April 10, 2018. In June 2018, she released her second single, "Karma", this time as a signed artist to Capitol Records. On its release day, the song reached #1 overall on the iTunes charts.