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Nicki Minaj announced her retirement last week, but Queen Latifah does not think that the rapper will be in retirement forever.

"She must be in love and happy," Latifah told TMZ. "Let her live. She's been grinding for a long time."

She then added, "once you're a rapper, you're always a rapper. She'll be back. Let her live first. Let her live some life first."

Nicki announced that she would be retiring to start a family with her fiancee, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty. The couple has already obtained their marriage license, and last month, Nicki told her fans via Queen Radio that she would marry him within 90 days.

Since dating Zoo, Nicki has faced heavy criticism from fans after they learned that he was once charged and imprisoned for rape many years ago. In fact, Zoo has a lengthy rap sheet and several mugshots.

But Nicki doesn't care and is obviously happy enough to not only marry him but walk away from the rap game entirely to start a new life with him.