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Quavo wants everybody to stop comparing him to Offset and Takeoff.

As Offset announced the release of his upcoming album, and Takeoff released his solo album recently, Quavo took to Twitter to air his frustrations at constantly being compared to his Migos' group member.

"Stop Comparing Us Please!!! PUT US AGAINST THEM!!!! Thank you," he tweeted.

Quavo is obviously worried about the artists being pitted against each other, but could there be another reason for his concern?

His solo album Quavo Huncho was generally panned by critics. The only song which garnered any significant attention was "Huncho Dreams" in which Quavo detailed an alleged romance with Nicki Minaj.

He even did a live re-enaction of Nicki's Instagram video where she received a Chanel bag from an unidentified boo - now we all know it was him. But it was a desperate attempt to boost streams, but nobody was biting.

Nicki Minaj even hopped onto Queen Radio shortly after but refused to comment on it, killing the momentum there and then.

If you're in a group and go solo, comparisons are going to happen. If they don't like that, they should stay making Migos albums. The fans would be fine with that.