Rapper Quavo from the Migos showed off his new ride yesterday, as he and his girlfriend Saweetie pulled up to a Los Angeles club with the outrageous ride.

The car cost a reported $1M with all the modifications.

Why so much? Well first off, the car is a Lamborghini Aventador - which costs $600,000 without all the extras.

Then he took the car to Dreamworks Motor Sport where they went to work on it.

They got the car new rims, and a new interior. Then they added some flash, including a one of a kind custom designed and printed wrap in-house with reflective overlays of Quavo portrait & Migos adlibs. They also added, remote controlled LED lights in vents/engine bay and under limbo.

The value of all the add ons - was about $400,000.

Here's a video of the new car: