Quavo and Saweetie attended the wedding of the Migos rapper's sister over the weekend - but some were annoyed with the celeb couple, accusing them of stealing the spotlight.

In one clip, Saweetie is seen sitting on a chair as Quavo slides a bejeweled wedding garter up her thigh, being cheered on by the wedding attendees - but viewers of the clip had a lot to say about the public display of affection at somebody else's wedding:

"I wish a motherf'er would shown up at my wedding and take attention on me🙄"

"why they doing that at somebody ELSE wedding? 😐"

"Is she wearing white at someone’s wedding? I hope she’s a bridesmaid"

"tryna be the spot light at another couples wedding😂...MOVE damn"

"last night wasn’t about you quavo 🙄"

"She wore white to someone else’s wedding?"

It appears that Quavo caught the garter and then placed it on her leg - a tradition at some weddings.

Did they steal the spotlight or nah?