MTO News has confirmed that Quavo and female rapper Saweetie are no longer dating.

The couple had been seeing each other for the past three months, and now it's over. And a person close to Saweetie tells us, it's because Quavo was secretly "seeing" Nicki Minaj on the side.

Rumours began circulating that Saweetie was dating Quavo after she played the role of his love interest in the music video for a song called 'Workin Me'. Following her appearance in the video, the pair had been spotted hanging out together multiple times on tour. Neither of them ever publicly confirmed the news.

But, according to Saweetie's friend, she found out that Quavo was secretly "dating" Nicki Minaj on the side - and Saweetie ended their relationship.

The snitch told MTO News, "[Saweetie] gave Quavo the benefit of the doubt. But he's not ready for a real commitment." She added, "It's no hard feelings about anything, he just isn't ready to settle down."

Saweetie, a Cali native, has been blowing up recently. She first burst on the scene with her track, "Icy Girl," in 2017. The female rapper inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records in February of this year and released the High Maintenance EP back in March.

Saweetie and Quavo still have music together, that's expected to be released later this year. Their "break up" is not expected to impact any future projects that the artists have in development.