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Atlanta rapper Quavo wished his girlfriend Saweetie a happy birthday and declared his undying love for her via social media.

"To My Beautiful Lady I Love You!!! You Are Most Definitely M Y T Y P E ❄️❤️💯" he wrote in the post which showed him on stage as well as several pictures of the happy couple together.

Saweetie was quick to respond to Quavo's message, "Love you too 😍😍," she wrote.

Saweetie also posted a message to Instagram, but it appears that her birthday is not off to a great start:

"What i ordered vs what i got 😡.,. Hey y’all .... so I’ve had the craziest bday ever. EVERYTHING went wrong. Didn’t get the right hair... didn’t have a bday fit... missed a performance... I’ll explain later but sh*t a bih alive and that’s what I’m thankful for thank you for all the birthday wishes !!!" she wrote.

Looks like Quavo saved the day. Look at the chain he copped for her!

We think she looks great. Happy birthday, Saweetie!