Quavo CONFIRMS He Repo'd Saweetie's Bentley In New Song! ('I'm Stingy, F**k Dat H*e')


Shortly after hip hop hop super-couple Quavo and Saweetie broke up, MTO News reported that Quavo repossessed the Bentley that he bought his girlfriend for Christmas.


Now Quavo has CONFIRMED that he took back the car in a new song.

In the new song, Quavo raps about how he's "taken back the Bentley" from Saweetie. As MTO News originally reported, Quavo had the $350,000 convertible sportscar repo'd one day after Saweetie broke up with him over Twitter.

In the same song, the Migos rapper explains why he took back the gift. According to Quavo, "F*ck Dem hoes, now I gotta act stingy."

It's not clear whether Saweetie has any legal options to get back her gifted sportscar. Maybe we can get Judge Judy involved in this mess. 

What do you think people, was the Bentley a "gift" or was it a "loan"? 

Either way though as a matter of etiquette should people be taking back "gifts" given during the course of the relationship or does it depend on the terms of the breakup?