Q Parker Of 112, Says He & Daron Won’t Be In Verzuz Battle W/ Jagged Edge


Monday night will be the night when r&b bands 112 go head to head with Jagged Edge in the hugely anticipated Verzuz battle -- but 112 member Q says he and Daron will not be participating in the battle.

"Dear 112 fans, thank you for the outpouring love and support. It is incredible and we appreciate how much of your heart and souls you have poured into our careers," Q posted via his Instagram. "We are simply blown away by the passion you have for our music. But, unfortunately, we will not be participating in the upcoming Verzuz with Jagged Edge due to an ongoing legal issue that is not settled."

Last year, band member Mike revealed that the group had broken off into two. 

"Actually, the other two former members (Q and Daron) of 112 decided to go in a different direction and that's as layman as we can possibly make it. They decided to go in other directions and we wish them the best. But, we felt it was best that we continue the 112 legacy," he told REVOLT at the time.

Will y'all still be tuning in?