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Great news for Pusha T, who is expecting his first child with his wife, Virginia Williams.

The happy couple took to Instagram to post a Christmas-themed image of them and their dogs, which also featured the words - "Happy Holidays Baby T Coming Spring 2020."

"Finally landed my dream job. World, make way for BABY THORNTON! Arriving Gemini season 2020!! WE ARE OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!" the post from Virginia was captioned.

Pusha T married his longtime girlfriend, Virginia Williams, July 2018, in their hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"On 7/21/16 Terrence had me believing he was in LA, but popped up at our home in Bethesda," Virginia told Brides magazine at the time. "He told me to meet him on our rooftop terrace…when I did he was on one knee and asked me to marry him at 7:21 pm! I said yes!"

We are very happy for Push and his growing family!