Pusha T Cancels TOUR DATES . . . After Drake Fans BOYCOTT His Concert!! (Drake WINS Again)

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Pusha T has been forced to cancel multiple tour dates - as a result of Drake fans BOYCOTTING his concerts, MTO News has learned. Pusha T may have thought that he WON the Drake beef - by releasing his song the "Life Of Addidon." But in reality it appears as if he won the battle, but LOST THE WAR.

Pusha T had launched a multi-city tour for his new album Daytona - which got critical acclaim, especially after the song about Drake. But taking on the world's MOST POPULAR rapper has it's COSTS.

Drake fans quickly launched a Pusha T boycott shortly after Pusha dropped his diss track. And it appears to have worked. Sales for Pusha T's Daytona tour never quite took off, in the face of the PROTESTS. And eventually Pusha had to cancel dates in some MAJOR cities.

According to Pusha T fans on Twitter, the rapper has cancelled or postponed tour dates in Washington DC, St Louis, Milwaukee and Cleveland.

Fans are saying that besides the cancellations SALES have been pretty DRY for the concert series too, so more cancellations may be in the future.

Specifically Ticketmaster sent out an email letting fans know that these dates were cancelled or postponed:

Nine of twenty-two upcoming shows were cancelled:

  1. St. Louis, MO
  2. Grand Rapids, MI
  3. Cincinnati, OH
  4. Cleveland, OH
  5. Silver Spring, MD
  6. North Myrtle Beach
  7. SC Charlotte, NC
  8. San Antonio, TX
  9. Dallas, TX