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Pusha T and his security are in a world of trouble, after allegedly stabbing a Drake fan who tried to run on stage. 

Pusha was nearly assaulted last night in Toronto by by a Drake fan. The rapper was in the midst of performing a concert in the "6", when all of a sudden - a Drake fan started throwing beer and then ran down on Pusha T.

But Pusha and his security were ready. The team immediately ran on stage and stopped the fan who was trying to beat up Pusha. 

It was a fight, but eventually the security overwhelmed the fan and he left the stage.

But the security may have gone too far. New reports say that the fan was "stabbed" and is now in critical condition.

Pusha was not touched during the incident. He attempted to continue the concert, but after realizing that he may still be in danger - he eventually cut the concert short.

The incident was caught on video.

Here is another video:

Here's another angle:

And more:

A spokesperson for the Toronto Police Department confirmed to Pitchfork that they received a call for an assault in progress at the event with reports that performers at the venue were attacked onstage “by a number of people.” Three people were sent to the hospital in connection with the incident with non-life threatening injuries. Pusha-T was not specifically named in the Toronto Police’s statement.

After the show’s cancellation, a man who had attended was hospitalized with life-threatening stab wounds, TMZ reports. Police have given no indication that the stabbing is connected to the stage-rushing incident, according to TMZ.