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PURE EVIL!!! Couple Is ARRESTED . . . For The WORST Case Of Child Abuse . . . In STATE HISTORY!! (Here's What These ANIMALS Allegedly Did To Their Own Child)


An Oklahoma couple was arrested on child abuse charges in what medical professionals are calling "the worst case of child" in state history.

Kevin Fowler, 25, and 24-year-old Aislyn Miller, were arrested on child abuse charges

So what made the abuse so bad? Well the two babies were infants - and they were so severely neglected - that they had MAGGOTS crawling out of their PRIVATE PARTS.

One officer said that a nurse told them, with a tear in her eye, the maggot crawled out of one of the victim's genitals.

The same nurse also told officers there were feces deep inside one of the infant's ears and the child looked like a skeleton.