Man ROUNDHOUSE KICKS Pro-Life Protester!! (Graphic Video)

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A pro-life protester was roundhouse kicked, for filming a pro-choice protest in Canada.

The woman, Marie-Claire Bissonnette, was attending the annual "Life Chain" event - where thousands of pro-life protesters take to the streets across Canada holding signs anti-abortion signs.

During the event, Marie accosted a pro-choice group - and was assaulted. The pro-choice folks had a “My body, my choice, my right” sign. In the video, you see Marie videoing a man in his late twenties to early thirties. Marie was chastising the man. 

The man asked Marie whether a sixteen-year-old girl who gets pregnant after being raped should keep her baby. Marie said that he teen girl should be forced to carry the baby to term..

The man then then forcefully roundhouse kicked her in the shoulder, which sent her phone flying.

Here is the video - the event starts around 2:30.